Public Speaking Contest

4-H Members compete in four general categories of public speaking.  This contest does not permit the use of visual aids.  The Public Speaking Contest focuses on the 4-H Member's ability to present information verbally through:

  • Prepared Speeches: Contestants may speak on any topic. It may be wise to discuss topics that could be considered controversial with your 4-H leader or educator before the contest. The speech may be written for a specific audience, such as a 4-H club, PTA, or a Rotary Club. Note cards containing a key word outline are permitted. Only juniors may use a complete script. Memorization is not encouraged.
  • Extemporaneous Speeches: Speakers will draw three topics and choose one topic to speak on. Juniors and Intermediates may have up to 30 minutes and Seniors up to 15 minutes to prepare their talk. Contestants may use one side of up to four, or both sides of up to two,  5 x 8 inch note cards to their key word outline.
  • Radio Spots: Exactly 30 seconds in length and may include a musical or sound effect introduction and/or background, but may not include a spoken introduction or “tag” by anyone other than the contestant. If music or a sound effect is used, the contestant must provide and operate the sound-making device. The contestant will provide a complete written script (including notations about music/sound effects) to the timekeeper to aid in timing accuracy. Musical/sound effect introductions and endings are considered a part of the radio spot and must not cause the 30 second time limit to be exceeded. The spot should relate to 4-H, be original and be created by the contestant.
  • Interpretations: Interpretations are to be memorized oral interpretation or a selection of narrative in language of speaker’s choice. Interpretations consist of three categories:
    • Dramatic Interpretation
    • Poetry Interpretation
    • Humourous Interpretation

Regional Communications Contest -

The regional Communications Contest will be held March 9th, 2013 at Bushy Park Elementary School in Howard County.  Look for more information on how to register SOON.

Regional Communications Contest Workshops:

January 26th, 2013 @ 9am - Howard County Fairgrounds

This workshop will cover public speaking skills such as memorization and annunciation.

February 2nd, 2013 @ 9am - Howard County Fairgrounds

This workshop will mainly focus on the use of props to enhance your dramatic presentation