4-H Royalty

In 1965, Frederick County 4-H choose its first 4-H Queen at The Great Frederick Fair by spinning a wheel. Forty-three years later, an entire royal court represents Frederick County 4-H.  Members submit record books, essays, meet with judges for interviews, and speak on stage in front of a large audience at The Great Frederick Fair to be selected as members of the 4-H Royalty.

In 1978, Frederick County 4-H added 4-H King to provide boys an opportunity to participate.  In the early 1980's, a Junior Prince and Junior Princess were added to the court.

The Frederick County 4-H Royalty Program provides recognition for leadership and further educational opportunities to learn and practice leadership, public speaking, and community service skills.  4-H Royalty attend community events, dinners, awards programs, and many other events to promote 4-H, provide leadership to other 4-H members, and represent 4-H at public events and with public officials.

4-H members interested in being a member of the 4-H Royalty should submit their entry forms in August (see entry form for deadlines).  Royalty contestants participate in a workshop to teach skills required, interview with judges, and build relationships with one another to work effectively as a team throughout the next year if chosen to be on the court.

2011 4-H Queen Megan Toms and 4-H King Levi Hooper

Upcoming Dates:

Jun 25, 2012, 9:43 AM